The travelling one cup coffee maker - BREWAMUG

one cup coffee maker

Brewamug one cup coffee maker - make your best coffee, one cup at a time

Brewamug is one of the original one cup coffee makers. Its revolutionary design allows you to make one cup of freshly brewed coffee anywhere you have hot water. Just fill the basket with a measure of your favourite REGULAR ground coffee, place it on top of your coffee mug and pour boiling water into the funnel. In a couple of minutes you'll have one cup of freshly brewed coffee. Brewamug uses no paper filters to make coffee so there's no waste

Light weight, portable and sturdy, the Brewamug coffee maker is perfect for hiking, fishing, camping, using around the office, or anytime you want a cup of freshly brewed coffee. One of the best features of our coffee maker is that it is environmentally friendly because there is no waste, just brewed coffee grounds for your garden (if you didn't know, used coffee grounds make an excellent fertilizer).

When you're done, cleanup is simple. Just rinse out the filter basket and your Brewamug coffee maker is ready for your next cup of fresh brewed coffee. Brewamug is also dishwasher safe. Click here to order your very own Brewamug.

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